Curtis Thornton

I am a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and UI/UX Specialist.
I have a passion for creating meaningful experiences, implementing tight design systems, and solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Joseph Veazie Branding

Joseph Veazie is a local musician in Dallas, Texas. He decided to take on his own music career after working for a talent agency and leaving his band. In order to capitalize on his name alone, he contacted me wanting a new logo and identity.

VehicleXchange Dashboard

During my time at Pearl Technologies, I was tasked with creating an entirely new dashboard for our software, which included VehicleXchange, Trade-In Concierge, ShowroomXpress, Proximity, RPM, and Pre-Owned.


SpaceChatter is a concept project that combines the live chatter of air traffic controllers with soothing, drifting chillwave music in a simple, single-service website with a minimal interface.

Grababite App

Born out of the frustration of organizing a quick lunch with friends, Grababite facilitates inviting, tracking, and messaging those friends to a short-notice meetup. Currently a work in progress.

The Five Stages of Fibonacci

An experimental dance composition that explores the stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Choreography by Elizabeth Owens. Produced by Torrey Owens.

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